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  • Published:
  • 16.10.2012

A Monochromatic Spring A Monochromatic Spring

New collection from the creative studio and brand label Over got to see it’s Spring ’15 release, wearing the name “A Monochromatic Spring” which is by our opinion a very accurate depiction.

The collection features various simple essentials for both ladies and men, full of strong graphics and patterns inspired and guided by a monochromatic palette.

You can view their new collection, as well as their old releases on

The simple start of Over was fueled from personal demand and the basic desire of having something different and unique.

Design remains the driving force behind our work we do at Over, which is run by a small group of local creatives from different fields, united with passion for the things they make.

Without it’s current name, concept and the thought of a wide audience consumption, the whole t-shirt story began it’s life in 2005, through a small scope of people who would preorder the tee’s as they circled around in an email attach. As the people wore the tee’s, a desire from the larger crowd came along, which became a deciding factor for the project going public in 2012.


Themes Kingdom

2012-10-16 13:33:20

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